Conversational Search Is Here. Take 9 Smart Steps to Future-proof SEO Content.

Girl with lightbulb on top of metal hat communicating with robot that also has lightbulb on top of his head - an illustration of conversational search and conversational AI

As search engines integrate conversational AI, the world of SEO content creation is likely to change. Like visionary sci-fi scribes of the past, today’s SEO content writers must evolve their skills to thrive in this dawning age of conversational search, an intelligent human-computer interaction.

Ep. 8 | The Market-able English Major with Abi Shoaff

Jen Carroll 0:01 Hey there, it’s time once again for the meaningful measurable marketing podcast. I’m Jen Carroll. Annalisa Hilliard 0:06 And I’m Annalisa Hillierd, Jen Carroll 0:07 and together we are the names of data dames marketing. Annalisa Hilliard 0:11 As the Data Dames, Jen and I are marketing strategy consultants who help our … Read more

Writers, Who Needs Them?

writing on paper with computer to the side

Abi Shoaff, Data Dames intern and Malone University English and creative writing major, is often asked what she plans to do with her degree once she graduates. She believes writers can be whatever they want to be, even marketing consultants.