GA4 Reporting Services from a Certified GA4 Specialist

Data Tracking Strategy & Google Analytics Reports

Get expert Google Analytics 4 (GA4) analysis for The Dames. Understand your website visitors. Measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. Identify opportunities for improvement.

GA4 Reporting Services from a Certified GA4 Specialist

Data Tracking Strategy & Google Analytics Reports

Get expert Google Analytics 4 (GA4) analysis for The Dames. Understand your website visitors. Measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. Identify opportunities for improvement.

GA4 Reports: Make Data-informed Decisions That Matter

Working with an experienced data analyst can help you get the most from your GA4 property. An upgrade from the previous Universal Analytics (UA) platform, GA4 offers cross-platform tracking, event-based data, machine learning, and privacy-focused design. 

Depending on your needs, The Dames’ GA4 consulting can include:

Discovery Session

We’ll get a detailed list of your tracking goals and KPIs—a critical step in understanding what you want to achieve so that we can provide meaningful insights.

Analytics Audit

We’ll review the data that GA4 is collecting, along with any remaining UA configurations, to deliver expert data analysis and actionable recommendations.

Complete GA4 Setup

Based on the discovery session, we’ll create GA4 event / conversion tracking that aligns with your goals, including Google Tag Manager (GTM) configuration and other key features.

Custom GA4 Reports & Dashboards

We’ll make your data easy to understand and visualize so that you can make data-informed business decisions.

Ongoing GA4 Analysis & Support

Need Some Help With Google Analytics?

Frequently Asked Questions: GA4 Platform & Custom Reports

Why did Google make the transition from UA to GA4?

UA was designed for a web ecosystem that is very different from the one we have today. It was built for a desktop-focused world where cookies were the primary means of tracking user behavior. However, with the rise of mobile devices, privacy concerns, and the changing digital landscape, UA is no longer sufficient.

GA4 is built on a new data model that is designed to accommodate these changes. It uses machine learning to provide more accurate and relevant insights into user behavior. It also offers more flexibility in terms of data collection and analysis, allowing businesses to track and measure user behavior across multiple devices and channels.

Why is the GA4 upgrade important?

Aside from the fact businesses will no longer be able to use Google’s data analytics for tracking after July 1, 2023, the transition to GA4 is important for additional reasons. First, it provides businesses and website owners with a more flexible and future-proof analytics platform. Second, GA4 offers more granular data tracking and analysis. Thirdly, GA4 offers several new features and improvements that can help businesses and website owners improve their website performance and drive business growth. These features include more robust cross-device tracking, user engagement tracking, and event tracking.

What is Google’s GA4 timeline for transition?

Google has not provided a specific timeline for businesses and website owners to transition to GA4. However, Google has made it clear that GA4 is the future of Google Analytics and that businesses and website owners should start planning their transition as soon as possible.

Here are some important milestones that Google has announced related to GA4:

  1. October 14, 2020:Google announced the general availability of GA4, which means that businesses and website owners can now create new GA4 properties in their Google Analytics accounts.
  2. Mid-2021: Google announced that it will start automatically creating GA4 properties for eligible accounts that have not yet created a GA4 property. This automatic creation process will start in mid-2021 and will be gradual.
  3. 2022: Google has stated that it will continue to improve and enhance GA4 throughout 2022 and beyond. This means that businesses and website owners can expect new features and improvements to GA4 in the coming years.
  4. July 1, 2023: As previously mentioned, Google will begin the process of deprecating the Universal Analytics tracking code on July 1, 2023. This means that businesses and website owners should plan to transition to GA4 before this deadline to ensure that they can continue to receive support and benefit from new features and improvements.

Does Google offer GA4 migration services?

Yes, Google offers self-guided GA4 migration resources to businesses and website owners who want to manage their own transition to GA4. These resources include documentation, best practices, and migration guides.

Additionally, Google offers a free tool called the GA4 Data Import feature, which allows businesses to import historical data from their UA properties into their GA4 properties. Unfortunately, because data isn’t collected the same way, this import feature may not be as helpful as users might expect.

For businesses and website owners who need more hands-on assistance with their GA4 migration, Google offers a network of certified partners like The Dames Marketing & PR who can provide consulting, implementation, and training services. As a GA4 agency, our in-house GA4 consultant has been trained by Google and has demonstrated expertise in GA4 migration and implementation.

How long does switching to GA4 take?

The amount of time it takes to switch to GA4 can vary depending on the complexity of your website and your goals for tracking user behavior. Here are some factors that can affect the timeline for GA4 migration:

  1. Website size and complexity: The size and complexity of your website can impact the time it takes to switch to GA4. Websites with many pages and complex tracking requirements may take longer to migrate to GA4 than smaller, simpler websites.
  2. Customizations and integrations: If you have customized your Universal Analytics implementation with custom dimensions, events, or integrations with other tools, it may take more time to replicate these customizations in GA4.
  3. Data volume: If you have a large volume of historical data in your Universal Analytics account, it may take longer to migrate this data to GA4.
  4. Resource availability: The availability of resources, including your budget and the availability of our in-house GA4 consultant, can also affect the timeline for GA4 migration.

That being said, the actual process of setting up a new GA4 property and implementing basic tracking could be completed in a matter of hours. However, if you need to customize your implementation or migrate historical data, the process might take several weeks.

It is important to plan your GA4 migration carefully and allocate enough time and resources to ensure a smooth transition. If you are unsure about the timeline for your specific migration, contact us for more information.

How to enhance, future-proof your new data analytics journey

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