public relations for more brand awareness

In today’s crowded and clamorous media ecosystem, press releases and organic social media updates rarely generate much attention. Small business PR requires an approach that’s both old school and cutting edge to find and meaningfully connect with potential customers, brand amplifiers, employees, collaborators, and communities.

Tent by a lake shore at dusk glowing pink with a light inside against a backdrop of mountains. Used by the Dames Marketing & PR to illustrate small business PR.

Let The Dames help you with small business PR that shapes outreach, focuses on key messages, and delivers value to your target audiences. Applying both creativity and experience, we research carefully, craft clever pitches, build media / influencer relationships, tell authentic stories, and track metrics of success. Plus, when used as part of an integrated marketing communication plan, our efforts can support and strengthen your marketing, sales, and customer loyalty initiatives. 

Small business PR for every step of the customer journey

Audience / customer research

Find out where your target audiences are; discover who or what influences them; and learn what they need, want to accomplish, and struggle with

Message development

Construct messaging frameworks for consistent, compelling communication across every channel that resonates with target audiences and increases qualified conversions

Media & influencer outreach

Personalize pitches, garner exposure, and build relationships with the people and publications that matter to your target audiences

Media buying

Carefully choose the most advantageous paid opportunities for your brand and your budget

Content development

Produce content that supports key messages and attracts target audiences

Social media advising

Ensure your social media calendar is in line with PR outreach, messaging, and target audience expectations